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Track your meditations, eliminate anxiety, and live a better life.

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Take Back Control of Your Mind With Meditation

Meditation Meets Technology

Get real data on your meditation with a Bluetooth LE heart rate monitor.

No more excuses for not meditating, because Buddha Mind gives you the tools to measure your meditation.

iPhone and Heart Rate Monitor

This makes meditation addictive in a good way.

Buddha Mind beta tester, december 2012



See Your Heart's Changes While Meditating

See the difference in your Heart Rate between Meditation and other activites.

Track and chart the levels of relaxation you achieve while meditating. See what your heart rate does in other activities.

The chart on the left was recorded while browsing the web, and the chart on the right was recorded while meditating.

Buddha Mind allows you to create and leave notes on any meditation you may have.


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